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More than just fish on a hook

Get mesmerized by the beautiful terrain of the flowing rivers of Patagonia and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes in Alaska. At Chile on the Fly, we offer one-of-a-kind excursions that are bound to stick in your memory and make a lasting impact. When you’re out near the gorgeous water banks in one of the most breathtaking sceneries, we make sure that you’re truly able to immerse yourself in the wonders around you.

Catch the big ones!

Chilean waters certainly have great fish to offer. From the finest German brown trout to the best king salmon, we offer immersive fishing adventures that end with a smile on your face. Needless to say, our fishing expertise speaks for itself! Fly fishing Chile at the beautiful Crystal Creek Lodge offers a great way to unwind and relax next to the serene waters. We don’t just encourage you to shoot your line in the river, it’s much more than that. Fishing is a passion and it’s only fair that you're taught by the best of them all. With Chile on the Fly, you should expect nothing less than exceptional.

Bespoke adventures

To us, it’s not just about fly fishing for salmon or trout in Alaska! We’re dedicated to ensuring that our customers have a brilliant time. From the moment you join us, we’re prepared to provide a highly personalized service that speaks for itself. As determined fishermen ourselves, we know that you’re looking for comfort combined with the excitement that accompanies a great catch! Rest assured, you get everything and more when you choose to tread the waters with us on your side. Whether it’s a Magic Waters Chile fly fishing lodge at Patagonia, Chile, or a personalized Alaskan adventure off the beaten path, we’ve got you covered.

Beautiful lodges with spectacular views

Set among the serene waters and scenic greenery, our rustic fly fish lodgings in Alaska put you at ease and allow you to relax. With comfortable accommodations, you can look forward to a day filled with exciting adventures after which you can return to the lodges and embrace yourself for a long night of rest. We hunt the rivers because it's tradition and immerse you in our rituals so you can see firsthand why it’s great to be a fisherman.

Professional guide with a reservoir of passion for fishing

When you go fishing with Chile on the Fly, prepare to be accompanied by our highly-trained fly fishing expert, Jose Marti. He’s been casting a line since 1997, rest assured, Jose has amassed a world of experience by now that ensures your experience will truly be one of a kind. He is friendly, upbeat, and always ready to exchange amazing stores with like-minded fishermen. However, there’s nobody more focused when it comes to catching fish. As he guides you through the waters, helping you look for your favorite fish in the river, you can expect it to be an experience filled with laughs, dedication, and a treasure trove of adventure.

Why nobody does it like us

At Chile on the Fly, we guarantee that nobody does it better than us. Why? Well, that’s because we’re locals with unparalleled knowledge of the entire area. From the XI Region of Patagonia Chile all the way to Bristol Bay in Alaska, we’ll guide the excursions with complete professionalism. By always making sure you’re comfortable, we’re able to promise a glorious fly-fishing experience that makes reality seem magical

Good food, good life
When in Chile, eat fish!

Fishing with us goes beyond casting the line. We’re all about ending the day with delicious fresh fish that’s roasted, bbq-ed, or fried – however you like it. There’s nothing quite like the tantalizing taste of the fish you catch! It seems divine, tastes even better, and puts the frozen fish at your local varieties to shame.

Jennifer Steele: “My fiancé and I took a trip to Chile right before the wedding at the start of 2021 and it was truly the best time we’ve ever spent together. Jose was our guide and made sure every second of the excursion was well spent. He not only showed us how to catch fish but told us of the great stories native to the area. I loved the experience so much I’m trying to convince my friends to take a trip with me soon!”

Alexandra Geller: “I would’ve loved to stay at their lodge a little longer but work back home was calling. A single day doesn’t go by when I don’t think about my time perched near the glorious banks of the river Simpson. Chile on the Fly made every day of the trip feel like an adventure. Loved the people, the food, and every single thing.”

Serena George: “If there’s one place I’d like to go to again, it’s definitely Alaska. The place is absolutely beautiful but what draws me to it is the fishing excursions with Chile on the fly. Their guide was truly one of the sweetest lads I’ve ever met.”

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