Fly Fishing

in Patagonia, Chile

Fly-Fishing in Patagonia, Chile

Make your way to the best fly fish destination in the world and cast your line in the water for some delicious German Trout and Salmon. Our fly fish adventures of Patagonia are focused in the XI region, on the outskirts of Coyhaique. You’ll be able to tread the water with our guide, Jose Marti, on jet boats and inflatable rafts. His extravagant 15+ years’ experience will act as a guiding light for a fun excursion that keeps you longing for more.


Adventure Fly Fishing in Patagonia, Chile

fly fish in Patagonia, Chile for whopper trout

Beautiful rivers that make for unforgettable adventures

You will explore some of the most magnificent rivers in Coyhaique so don’t be surprised if you can’t enough of the scenic beauty. We’ll also take you site fishing with dry flies and nymphs, use indicator rigs for probing as well as blind casting streamers to entice the fish to get hooked onto your line. Rest assured, your experience with us will find a sweet spot in your memory forever. After all, who forgets the time they caught a giant salmon or rainbow trout on the fly?

Spring Creeks. Streams. Major River Mouths.

A terrain of limitless beauty

As exceptional as Coyhaique is on its own, nothing beats the glory of the water bodies encapsulating the area. The ever-changing river and streamflow are ideal for dry fly and nymph fishing that often has our customers squealing in amusement when they watch the fish flash right over the water's surface. Needless to say, the waters are incredibly diverse with selective varieties of fish in different areas across the length of the river mouths. So, whether you’re up for a challenge or prefer easy wading conditions, you’ll get to experience both! Our guide will take you on amazing adventures through some of the feistiest waters in the area.  

Entrance yourself in the serenity of clear water lakes

If you’re one for stillwater waters, boating on the calm rivers of Patagonia, Chile will make you fall in love with the serenity. Stillwater fly-fishing in Patagonia is an ode to true bliss and essential for catching delicious fish like trophy Rainbow and German Brown trout. Every time someone embarks upon an adventure with us, they never fail to be impressed by soothing Stillwater fly-fishing on the lake.


hook German brown and Rainbow trout in Patagonia, Chile with Jose Marti

Stillwater fishing strategies: How we do it

Our guide uses a plethora of amazing strategies that skyrocket the chances of catching as many fish as possible. We use everything from site fishing, terrestrials, and streamers to nymphs and blind casting techniques that make the lake water akin to a hypnotic aquarium. Thereby, we continue our fishing adventures on motorboats, pontoons, rafts, jet tubes, and float tubes. The jetting variety allows us to take you to places that nobody else will go to! Simply because they find the shorelines, beaches, and river mouths too difficult to reach but nothing’s impossible when you’re with Chile on the Fly. These areas make for exhilarating stalking and sighting fly fishing. Dare we say, our guide even offers a trip to enthralling lagoons that only true adventurers dream about.

Returning to the land: Comfortable accommodations

With Chile on the Fly, you get the royal treatment at local B&Bs, hotels, and lodges. Whether you’re in for the full ride or simply want to test the waters as a nomadic angler, we’ll make all of your water-treading trips worth reminiscing over.


guided fly fishing in the rivers and streams of , Chile with Jose Marti


Package features

The complete package/360 Degree package
What’s covered?

  • Transport to and from Balmaceda airport
  • Comfortable Lodging
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner complemented with fine Chilean wine
  • Expert guides for fly-fishing (one guide for two anglers)

What isn’t covered?

  • Air travel expenses to and from Balmaceda airport
  • Fishing license (you must have your own)
  • Hard liquor
  • Gratuities

Daily Guided Trips

What’s covered?

  • Expert guides for fly-fishing (one guide for two anglers) with lunch

What isn’t covered?

  • Air travel expenses to and from Balmaceda airport
  • Transport to and from Balmaceda airport        
  • Fishing license (you must have your own)
  • Lodging
  • Dinner and Breakfast

*Please note that we cater to groups of up to 4 anglers per trip, however, more people can also avail our fly fish adventures after informing us prior to or upon arrival. You can stay for as long as you want between the months of October and April.

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